- The body is made in three main parts; two sieve box compartments & counter weight with housing group. - Excellent design with high durability and each sifter is tested dynamically & statically before delivery. - The perfectly designed counter weight enables a perfect circular motion. - All interior walls in contact with product are covered with Stainless Steel sheet with high grade insulation which leads a considerable reduction in condensation. (This is an optional feature.) - The doors are made with the combination of aluminium and wood. - Excellent sanitation and hygiene. - Product inlet and outlet pipes are in stainless steel. - Inlet platforms are made of metal sheet while the Outlet Platforms are made of plywood. - Easy access for cleaning and maintenance for all parts of sifter. - Minimum maintenance and service. - The counter weight housings are high grade cast iron. - The bearings are 22000 series FAG, SKF with high vibration durability. - The doors are tightly insulated and sealed to eliminate dust leakage. Specifications for Sieve and Insert Frames: - The sieve frames are made of high grade plywood, imported from Siberia, with high resistance against humidity. - The insert frames are made of laminated / tempered first class pine. - The clothing is first class from world leader producers. - The clothes are glued on insert frames by best quality, made in EU glues. - The sieve cleaners are polyurethane in different types. - Compartments and sieve frame numbers are marked on by laser for easy and quick access and to prevent confusion during maintenance and cleaning. - Easy-to-install and remove sieve frames. - Hanging rods, made of oscillation-resistant fiberglass ensure stable and secure suspension of the plansifter. - Sieve Cleaner bottom trays are made of stainless steel for both wooden and aluminium frames while galvanized wire mesh is only applicable for wooden frames. - Nylon sieves, Sieve Cleaners, Hanging Rods, Sleeves and 5% spare insert frames are included.
  • Plansifter
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