Roller Mill

Rolls: 4 Rolls - Diameter: 250 mm. - Roll Length: 1000 mm - Designed to meet the highest hygiene and sanitary standards for food industry. - The Feeding Rolls are controlled by load cells, activated by time belts. These sensors regulates the rpm of the feeding rolls according to the stock coming into roller mills. Feeding roll speed is automatically regulated according to the product flow rate with driver (Schneider). - The feeding rolls drive motor is Gamak & gear box is Nord TM. - The feeding roll pack system enables easy cleaning and hygiene for the back of feeding rolls. The grinding rolls are equipped with roll pack system for easy maintenance and change. it enables to change the grinding rolls in 25 minutes. - The gap between grinding rolls is adjusted manually and they are equipped with time belts enabling the following abilities: - Noise-Free, Vibration-Free and Heat-Free operation. - The time belt is slide proof and since both the pulleys and belts are toothed. - The control panel and driver cabin are isolated against dust. - The machine is fully made in conformity with CE. Optionally, it can be made in conformity with ATEX. - The greasing points are lubricated manually from one point by central lubrication system. - Roller Mill chassis is made of 12 mm plate-body with high resistance against burden and vibration. - Roller mill body is equipped with removable covers in order to have easier access. - The bearing housings are taper bush type, which are well isolated against dust through special oil felts and gaskets. - 22000 series of SKF or FAG TM is used in standard. - The housings are made of quality nodular cast-iron (GGG40). - The pneumatic equipment is good quality world class from leader global manufacturers, like FESTO, REXROTH or SMC. - Maximum capacity with minimum energy consumption. - The steel materials used are at 1010-1060 standards according to use properties. - The machine outer sides are kiln-dry painted with auto painting technology. - Inner sides and product contact surfaces are either made Stainless Steel or painted in epoxy, or aluminium. - The brass materials at SnBz 10 standards. - The aluminium materials are at AA6060 standards. - Electric: 220/380 V, 50 Hz, three phases. - Length and diameter of the rolls is dynamically and statically calibrated at maximum roll rpm. - Break/Grooved rolls is between 480-550 Brinell and smooth rolls is 450-500 Brinell. - The harder layer thickness of the rolls at machining is 20-25mm. - The stock inlet hopper is made of metal and plexy glass combination. - The body and all parts used on the machine is machined with CNC machines ans laser cut. - The following equipment/ spare parts incl. into price and sent together with machine: Roll Lifting Equipment Roll carrier Pull off equipment for bearings
Roller Mill
  • Roller Mill
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